line producer

with focus on motion media. Since 2012 I’ve done more than 50 film-productions per year at Ikea Communications AB. I'm also involved in building the massive motion media industry that Icom have today, with both Swedish as well as International contacts.

production manager

directed towards media production, film, broadcasting and events. In 2012 I was the production manager of the world’s most downloaded marketing app. Planning, budget and delivery responsibilities for this production, was all on me.

project manager

now and then I combined my role as a line producer with the role as a project manager. A great example of this is the production of a TVC and a couple of web-based films for IKEA Norway via Forsman Bodenfors (SMFB) Norway.

event manager

I am most proud of being a event manager for is the summer club, Club Feber, during 2007 at Chokladfabriken in Malmö, Sweden. It was a smash hit and without any doubt one of the clubs that preformed the best in Malmö during 2007.

web designer

since 1995 I have been doing web design, both as freelance and inhouse. Companies such as Nestlé, Findus, EBS Sweden and Gallo Wines are a few of the customers I have worked with. I have also been a lecturer in the subject at Malmö Högskola.

bass player

at the age of 13 my passion for playing the bass came to life. Since then I played in many bands, both as freelance and as a band member. Just to name a few: Boogie Fever, [gæleri] and Tina Stenberg. Today I play in my own band, SuperTuesday.


at age 13 I started my career as a musician, at age 23 I took the flight bound for Sydney, Australia to study bass at Australian Institute of Music. One year later I headed back home to Sweden again, I got in to computers and started to do web design, which along the way landed me a job at Reklamkompaniet (AddEmotion) in Helsingborg, Sweden. On the side I was freelancing both as a musician and as web designer.

2003 it was time to pack the bags again, this time I headed for Stockholm, Sweden and one year of music studies at Stockholm Music Conservatory [AMP]. Back home in Malmö again I realized that I needed some kind of steady income as well, this lead me to Malmö University and a bachelor as a production manager in media (Produktionsledare Media) after 3 years of studying. This also landed me a job as a lecturer at Malmö University with focus on web design, printed media, motion media and multi media.

In 2012 I started to work as a line producer/production manager at Ikea Communications AB with focus on motion media. I’ve been involved in the Extended Content (digital catalogue), Global Web Content and much more, as well as being involved in building the massive motion media industry that Icom have today.

In 2013 I also started my own company groovy:jr | production.

contact info

  •   +46 (0) 709-92 42 99
  •   Hantverkaregatan 16
    211 55 Malmö


since I’m always on the run, please contact me by email or phone